Lakeland Pass-stormer

  • Stuart 

Unprepared, overwhelmed but having a blast!

Now, i seem to have this talent for overestimating my own abilities, as I did the weekend I joined Pannier for their Lakeland Pass-stormer tour.

Having recently cycled my way across 3 countries over the course of 3 weeks, I felt I’d easily be able to spend 3 days cycling in the Lake District without issue, totally ignoring the fact I’d spent the best part of 8 weeks off the bike in what can only be described as “100% recovery”. for those who don’t know is run by Stef and Dave, 2 people who have a knack for finding some of the best and most beautiful roads, gravel, and, in this case, hiking known to man. Their skill at putting together a well-thought out and organised trip that includes amazing scenery, road-side coffee and food to die for is exceptional.

I met them both back in March on the Route Beer Ramble, and followed that up with the Desert of Wales in May so I thought I knew what I was in for. Boy was I wrong!

Based on my previous experience I decided that as well as doing the Lakeland Pass-stormer I’d also tack on a few days riding home via the Yorkshire Dales, I had accommodation booked, I had plans with friends all sorted and so with this in mind I packed a weeks worth of stuff and fitted semi-slick tyres to my bike. First mistake.

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6 month review: Ribble CGR Ti

  • Stuart 

In the 6 months since I bought the Ribble CGR Ti it’s done 2400 miles (give or take). It’s been a reliable companion throughout and I’m still just as enamoured with it as I was the day it turned up.

It’s been my daily commuter during the summer, it’s taken me to Llandudno and back, and has been used every weekend I’ve been on the bike.

I love this bike.

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